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April 18 - 23, 2015

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Coex is located in the World Trade Center Complex in Gangnam District south of the Han River in Seoul. You can find us at Samseong Station on subway line number two or at Cheongdam Station on subway line number seven.


Buses are the easiest and most convenient way to get to COEX from the Incheon airport.

Buses leave the airport for COEX approximately every 15 to 20 mins and take approximately 1.5 - 1.75 hours to arrive. The price is 16,000 KRW (approximately $15).

To get on the right bus, go up to the bus ticket counter near exits 4 or 9 and tell them which hotel you want to go to and they'll put you on the right bus. For hotels near COEX, bus 6704 goes to the Intercontinental Hotel (connected to north side of COEX), 6006 or 6103 go to Samseong Stn. on the south side of COEX.

More information: Incheon Bus Guide

Airport Railroad and Subway

Vehicle Station
Airport Railroad Departure Incheon Airport
Arrival Hongik University Station
* Alight at Hongik University Station and transfer to Subway line 2 (Green Line).
Subway Departure Hongik University Station (Line 2)
Arrival Samseong station (COEX is at exit number 6)

Airport Railroad (AREX)

Incheon Airport Railroad Guide

Incheon Airport Railroad is a means of airport link transportation running 11 stations between Incheon Airport station and Seoul station. You can be guided to Incheon Airport Railroad and then buy ticket at booth 45 of arrival floor or travel center of Incheon Airport Railroad (a basement level between a passenger terminal and a traffic center) or customer information center of Incheon Airport station.

Train Type

Express train taking 43 min. non-stop running between Incheon Airport station and Seoul station, operation interval: 30 min.)

All-stop train (taking 56 min. stop all 11 stations between Incheon Airport station and Seoul station, operation interval: 12 min.)

Homepage :

How to use the Incheon Airport Railroad at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal Arrival floor (1st floor) → Move to transportation center on the first basement level → Walk to Incheon Airport Station (tip : Airport Railroad is indicated by “yellow-colored letters” on the directional signs on the arrival floor of Incheon Airport. Simply follow the “yellow-colored letters” to reach the Incheon Airport Railroad station).


If you need any additional information related to the operation of Incehon Airport Railroad, just inquire to Incheon Airport Railroad. (☎ 1599-7788)


From Hongik Univ. to Samseong station

You can conveniently get to COEX by taking the exit number 6 at Samseong Station on Line 2. Coming from the subway, use exit five or six connected to the Coex Mall. Follow the Coex sign and you will come out at Millennium Plaza with the Coex Mall entrance in the back of the plaza. Hyundai Department Store will be to your left and CoexArtium straight ahead.

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