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April 18 - 23, 2015

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Quick Facts

  • Important Dates:
    • Submission deadline: 6 October 2014 (5:00pm PDT)
    • Notification: 26 January 2015
    • Publication-ready deadline: 2 February 2015
  • Submission Details:
    • Online Submission: PCS Submission System
    • Template: Extended Abstracts Format
    • Submission Format: 4-page Extended Abstract, video preview, still image, and a supplemental PDF describing what attendees will experience as well as technical and space requirements.
    • Submissions are not anonymous and should include all author names, affiliations, and contact information.
  • Selection Process: Curated
  • Chairs: Julie R. Williamson & Juhyun Eune (
  • At the Conference: Accepted Interactivity will be presented during the conference in the exhibits area.
  • Archives: Interactivity descriptions will be published in the Extended abstracts; USB and ACM Digital Library

Message from the Interactivity Chairs

Interactivity is a high-visibility, high-impact forum of the Technical Program that allows you to present your hands-on demonstration, share novel interactive technologies, and stage interactive experiences. We encourage submissions from any area of human computer interaction, games, entertainment, digital and interactive art, and design. Interactivity promotes and provokes discussion on novel technologies, and invites contributions from industry, research, the arts and design. The Interactivity track showcases this year's most exciting interactive technologies and installations. If you have an interesting prototype, device, system, exhibit or installation we want to know about it. Sharing hands-on experiences of your work is often the best way to communicate what you have created.

Julie R. Williamson, University of Glasgow, UK

Juhyun Eune, Seoul National University, Korea

Preparing and Submitting your Interactivity Submission

Previously published work will be accepted into the Interactivity track, on condition that the publication and presentation history is clearly outlined in the submission. The Interactivity track encourages authors of submitted CHI Papers or Notes to submit an extended abstract for Interactivity.

An Interactivity proposal must be submitted via the  PCS Submission System by 6 October 2014, 5:00pm PDT. The proposal must have the following four components:

1. Extended Abstract

The extended abstract is a 4-page short paper in the Extended Abstracts Format. It should be self-contained and clearly describe the novelty and distinguishing ideas of your project, even for readers who are not able to view the related demonstration at the conference or associated videos. Your abstract should include:

  • A description of the system, installation, exhibit or performance and the problem it addresses. Where relevant, discuss the broader context and questions that your work promotes reflection upon.
  • A description of the audience the work intends to serve
  • A description of the relevance of the work to the immediate CHI conference community, as well as to the broader CHI community, emphasizing its novelty, uniqueness, and rationale.
2. Video

A video is a good way to communicate interactive projects to the reviewers and provides an archive of the work. You must submit a video in addition to your written documentation. The video must be no longer than 5 minutes and all uploaded content (PDF(s) + image + video) must be less than 100 MB. Please make sure that your video is playable on standard PC and Macintosh computers. We recommend that you encode your video as an MP4 using the H.264 codec. Most video editing software provides an exporting option to MP4/H.264, for example iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. If you prefer to use free software, x264 can encode any video into H.264. Alternatively you can try uploading the video to YouTube and downloading the encoded result. Submitted videos will be used for review purposes. The videos may also be displayed at the Interactivity site and possibly on web sites previewing CHI content (as an example see CHI 2010 Madness videos on youtube).

3. Still Image

You will also need to upload a still image of at least 1500 x 1200 px that represents your work. The image is required for publications and conference publicity.

4. Supplement

This supplement is mandatory for all Interactivity submissions and must include technical set-up and space requirements. This supplement is useful for describing anything that does not fit or is not appropriate for the extended abstract and is used to determine how to organise Interactivity exhibits. Please use the template provided. Abstracts that do not provide a complete supplement using the template will not be accepted. Supplement materials are for the purpose of review and planning only and will not be published. This information is used to determine spatial, technical, lighting, power (etc.) requirements for the demonstration, exhibit, or installation. The supplement should be no longer than 4 pages. Like all other materials, the supplement must be submitted through the PCS submission system and the total of PDF(s), still, video, and supplement cannot exceed 100 MB.

Interactivity Selection Process

The CHI 2015 Interactivity forum contains Juried and Curated content which may be invited or selected from submissions. The selection process includes reviews by the Interactivity program committee, followed by jury selection of projects based on reviews, feasibility, available space at the conference and other relevant information. Our intention is to ensure that the Interactivity track represents the range of projects being undertaken across CHI communities and these projects can be presented appropriately at the conference.

Submissions should not contain sensitive, private, or proprietary information that cannot be disclosed at publication time.  Submissions should NOT be anonymous. However, confidentiality of submissions will be maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference, with the exception of title and author information which will be published on the website prior to the conference. 

Interactivity for Papers and Notes

This year represents a significant changes to Interactivity submissions that are related to a submitted Paper or Note. There will be no formal association between submissions and their associated Paper or Note, and these submissions will go through the same reviewing process as stand alone submissions. Although there will be no separate submission and review process for these submissions, we strongly encourage authors of Papers and Notes submissions to also participate in Interactivity. This is most applicable to Papers or Notes that describe novel interactive technologies or interactive experiences. Interactivity for Papers and Notes allows authors to present a hands-on demonstration of their research in a high-visibility, high-impact forum. Authors of Papers and Notes who wish to participate in Interactivity are required to prepare a separate non-anonymised submission for the Interactivity track. The content of the submission can be adapted from the existing Paper or Note submission and the same video materials can be used. If your Paper or Note is not accepted and you wish to withdraw your Interactivity submission, you must do so by 22 December 2014. Interactivity submissions that are associated with a Paper or Note submission should not be anonymised.

Third-party material and copyright

It is very important that you have the rights to use all the material that is contained in your submission, including music, video, images, etc. Obtaining permissions to use video, audio, or pictures of identifiable people or proprietary content rests with the author, not the ACM or the CHI conference. If you want to use music in your video, use royalty-free material. Authors retain copyright of the material but accepted submissions will not be published or shown at the conference without a signed form permitting ACM to publish the content. This is standard procedure for ACM publications.

At the Conference

If accepted, you will be assigned a booth or space in the interactivity space or at other locations in the conference venue. Support for building on-site and moving in/out of large/heavy exhibits is only provided before the conference start and after the conference. At CHI Interactivity you will have a space for your work, but you are responsible for bringing and setting up most of any other equipment that is required for presenting your work. We can provide help with projectors, plasma displays, etc. only when these are absolutely required to enable the Interactivity. Please provide these details using the supplement PDF. Note that although student volunteers will be present in the Interactivity space at all times, CHI will not be able to provide anyone to run your demonstration.

After the Conference

Accepted Interactivity extended abstracts and videos will be distributed in the CHI Conference Extended Abstracts USB and placed in the ACM Digital Library. Those extended abstracts that are associated to accepted Notes and Papers will link to the associated archival publication.

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